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Friday, April 13, 2018

What to do if he suddenly asks to break up?

The one you love most suddenly said the words broke up. Statements like these may feel like lightning in broad daylight. Shocking and painful to hear. You really are not ready to hear such a request, much less to grant it.

So what to do if he asks to break up? Here are some tips that you can consider to do.

Do not rush to obey

Not infrequently the request broke out from the lips couples when he was emotion. Especially if you're in the middle of a fight. You also do not burn emotion and immediately obey if you do not want to regret.

As much as possible do not decide anything when you're emotional. Ask him to rethink his words. The point is not to get involved with emotions and make decisions that are not thought through.

Ask the reason and invite to find a solution together

If you are not arguing then it is not possible he suddenly ask for a break for no reason. Maybe this had been on his mind for a long time. Ask the reason, find the root of the problem, and most importantly invite him to find a solution together.

The breaking request often does not mean that the price is dead. It can still change as long as the conditions that make it break apart also change for the better.

Try to keep a cool head until the solution is found

An attempt to reconcile between the troubled parties will be accompanied by arguments and persuasion. The process is very tiring and draining of energy, but all done for the common good. So keep your patience and make sure your head is always cold.

Keep the agreed changes, not just sweet promises

If you have tried to think about the problems faced together and come to a solution that aims to improve relationships, run the solution seriously.

Solutions that have been searched together must be run by both parties. Do not just promise sweet to make it change the decision. If you do not keep it, you'll be right back to the same situation.

Prepare for the worst

There are times when efforts to make up for fail completely. He still insisted on breaking up. To face this possibility you also have to prepare mentally. If it's stuck, try to accept it dashingly. Do not beg, do not threaten just to delay his departure.

You are also entitled to find someone who will defend you and be willing to be defended by you. So do not push yourself for someone who has been determined to leave.

That's a few things you should do if he asks to break up. Ultimately such a problem will only be one phase in life. An important phase indeed, but it will surely pass, whether it be with a relief solution or a hard decision to try to diikhlaskan.

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