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Saturday, April 14, 2018

7 Mistakes That Make Your Culinary Business Bankrupt

Gastronomy is not only your burden. Do not hesitate, make that expertise as the source of your purse.

The culinary business is one of the most widely chosen business ideas. Starting from simple thinking everyone needs to eat, so the culinary business can promise a considerable profit.

However, you have to be careful. Opening the business is full of challenges, there must be trial and error in preparing it. The preparation includes strategies, schemes, and your business knowledge needs to be prepared.

Well, so your business can run more smoothly and successfully. Good you learn first some errors that are often encountered in culinary business. Here's the description:

1. Mistakes of market research and competitors

Even though you've sold everyone's basic needs, you should not be rash. Plan and strategy you need to prepare as well. It can start by reading the market trends and the competitors who play in it. If you can, do not sell culinary that has been sold. If you want to be the same, come up with innovations to make your product look different from others.

2. Lack of experience and understanding in restaurant business

Lack of experience and understanding can be a boomerang for you. We recommend that before opening a business, first dig a variety of information from various sources. You can learn from people who have experience in the field of culinary business.

3. Business location

Not infrequently restaurant owners began to go bankrupt because they opened a business in the wrong place. The location where you open a business is important for you to consider. You should open a restaurant in a fairly strategic location, for example in the campus area, school, tourist attractions, or other places that became the center of the crowd. That way, the potential for best-selling began to wide open.

4. Quality of food

Many sellers are still ignoring this important point. Whereas the quality of food taste and hygiene becomes the main consideration of the consumers, lo.

As a seller, you should be able to position yourself as a buyer. The concept or theme of culinary is important, but if not balanced with the quality, of course customers will run away.

5. No promotion

No business survives without effective and sustainable promotional activities. You certainly want to have a lot of customers, so do not be lazy to do promotions. Marketing is not only word of mouth, it will be more effective if done through posters, banners, leaflets conventionally and online.

6. Weak in the inventory of goods and staff control

The cause of a restaurant's rolls not only from external factors, but from the internal as well, lo. For example, you lose as many kitchen utensils are lost. This can be caused by a lack of control over your invetory goods or employees who commit misconduct. Increase your control over the goods and also your employees while working, yes.

7. Financial management is bad

Capital becomes the most sensitive and crucial thing. Money problems do not you sincerely. You should start studying financial management while preparing business needs.

As the business grows and gains a lot of profits, you may be tempted to spend money without being controlled. Well, do not lose your capital because you can not manage income.

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