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Nur Nina Farisha Full Fasting Determination This Year

"My life is now more peaceful and happy life as a Muslim, but I am very eager to undergo fasting in Ramadan is coming," said Abdullah Nur Nina Farisha Woo.

19-year-old boy who converted to Islam in general missionaries international lecture Dr Zakir Naik in Kemaman recently said he was fasting with his friends in 2014 and expect it to perform the best this year.

Nur Nina Farisha who was a student of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the College of Oil Platform Transco, Kemaman, said he is currently attending classes of the college provided the basis for studying the obligatory prayers and Quran.

"I'm lucky to have many friends who are ready sekolej helped me to understand Islam and is ready to answer any of my questions regarding religious legislation.

"After this, I will attend class religious guidance provided by the government (Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Melayu Terengganu (MAIDAM)) in Kemaman," he told reporters after receiving accreditation cards accepted Islam conveyed Minister's wife, Toh Puan Seri Halina Zakaria official residence Seri Iman here today.

Also present were Terengganu Religious Affairs Commissioner, Datuk Omar Musa and Chief Executive Officer of Transco Education & Training Institute Sdn Bhd, Ahmad Firdhaus Ramlan.

Asked whether he would like to hold a preacher one day to attract more non-Muslims back to nature, Nur Nina Farisha said: "God willing, if you are ready, I will do (preach)."

On the challenges faced after embracing Islam, Nur Nina Farisha said he had read on the social networking site that there are non-Muslims who are not satisfied with the question on the public lecture program.

"But, I'm not pressured with the matter, the important thing I want to focus on my studies and continue to learn Islam," he said, now comfortable with hijab appearance.

On the occasion, he also received a special donation of RM1,000 as MAIDAM appreciate the courage and resolve to seek religious truth and guidance.

Meanwhile, Halina said her family was very excited to Nur Nina Farisha as a new member of the family and to help young people in accordance with current requirements.

"I told Nina, she can call me if what's up, what things you want to share, even if you want to come to Kuala Lumpur to attend any council knowledge, we also provide accommodation for Nina and friends," he said.

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