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8 World's Largest Snake Ever Recorded On Camera

Species of snake in the world there are various types with different sizes. There are snakes that reach up to tens of meters and weighing almost 100kg.

So what is the snake, is a kind of monster. Yes, of course we in Malaysia meet snakes of Anaconda rare that you might never see on television. In Malaysia, the python is the largest snake ever discovered, but not the size of the snakes found and the giant snakes below.

There may be stored snakes and large-sized giant in the centuries-old forests of Malaysia. But there are still those who have not met him, who knows it.

We now see between 8 the world's largest snake ever discovered, extracted from ilmusiana.com

The biggest one: Titanoba Snake (Boa Titan)
Many people misunderstand that the world is a snake Anaconda. However, it turns out the snake world record currently held by snake Titanoboa (Boa Titan). One of the ancient reptiles that lived about 50-60 million years ago was a contemporary of the dinosaurs. Titanoboa snake has a length of about 14 meters with a body weight of more than 1000 kilograms. 2 times the diameter of the hip adults. Its natural habitat is said to be around Colombia to the north, where the fossil was first found by a team of scientists International in 2009 and then in Cerrejon, Colombia.

Biggest 2: Snake Anaconda
Remember the movie about a big snake 90s ago? Yes, that's Anaconda, we put at No. 2 as the largest snake in the world. Anaconda is divided into two types, namely green anaconda and yellow anaconda. These snakes are a lot of life in the waters and swamps of the Amazon, Brazil. Anaconda normal adult size during the three cars, or about 15 meters and weighing more than 200 kilograms. With its size, the Anaconda is able to crush the crocodile to death. Here one of the largest snake photo:

Largest 3: Anaconda Abuna River
Brazil Abuna river turns to keep even one of the largest snake in the world of Anaconda. Previously, there had been many reports about the appearance of this giant snake. This snake has a length of about 13 meters and weigh about 150 kilograms. One of the giant reptile is very apparent when the ship docked in the river Abuna, Brazil. In fact, this snake is known to be very violent because they often attack ships. Here is one photo Anaconda Abuna ever caught on camera:

The largest 4: Giant Snake Congo
This is a giant snake was first seen in Korea a few years ago. At that time, someone managed to catch kelibatnya using the camera of the helicopter. In the estimate, this snake has a length of up to 16 meters.

Biggest 5: Snake Nabau Kalimantan
In 2009 he published one of the photos from the air of a dragon sighting in a river around Kalimantan. Many believe that the snake is a snake Nabau which is already a legend in Kalimantan. From what the cameras, the snake diagarkan have a length of about 30 meters. Here is the biggest snake sightings photo:

The biggest 6: Snake Python Guihua
Other than these, the largest snake in the world can also be found in the Sumatran, the serpent Python Guihua. The giant snake was captured by local residents in 2002. With a length of over 14 meters and weigh around 400 kg, this snake has been categorized as a giant snake. Here is a photo Python snake sightings Guihua said:

The largest 7: Python Snake Philippines
The world's largest snake ever caught in the Philippines. Phyton's many snake species living in the rain forest where the Philippines Agta tribe live. These giant reptiles receive special attention from the international scientists, Thomas Headland. From his research networks, found a surprising fact that many of the members of the Agta tribe who have become victims of violence of this snake. Tribe itself has done a lot of catching up to the serpent Python. Here is a photo of the arrest made by the Python snake Agta tribe:

The largest 8: Snake Boa China
The world's largest snake was found in Jiangxi, China. Boa snake species are accidentally discovered by workers who were making a new road around the forest. The presence of workers and the noise of heavy machinery as if to tease the snake tranquility. With the huge body, the snake suddenly appeared and surprised the workers. One employee could capture the moment Boa snake presence in a photograph. Here's a picture of his appearance.
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