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10 Best Site Blog Auto Ping to Increase Blog Traffic

Accelerate Blog Posts Ping Indexed Search Engine.

As a blogger may already be familiar with the term blog ping. Ping blog is a tool to accelerate our blog indexed by search engines, usually when it updates the blog and then we do a ping blog. Thus the new posts will quickly appear in the SE and generate traffic to our blog.

This blog Ping works automatically spread to many search engines, we just fill in the form provided, usually the column title of the blog, home page blog and RSS URLs. But not all of them support the RSS URL, only at specific sites that provide RSS URL.

Now for more details, I suggest 10 Holiday Best Blog Auto Ping based PageRank (PR) and Alexa Ranking (RA), the following website:

  1. pingomatic.com PR 7, RA 1131. Ping This blog is not foreign to the blogger, support for RSS ping blog URL.
  2. pingmyblog.com PR 5, RA 5074. To ping your blog URL and RSS.
  3. pingoat.com PR 5, RA 5748. Support to ping blog URL and RSS.
  4. feedshark.brainbliss.com PR 5, RA 18 560. Support is also to ping RSS and podcast.
  5. auto-ping.com PR 5 RA 22 930. To ping your blog URL and RSS. It's my favorite, how to install a widget on blogs making it easier for us to ping after updating your blog with just one click. Examples like that attached my blog this.
  6. pingler.com PR 4, RA 3325. To ping RSS must register, smentara ping blog URL can directly without a list.
  7. pingates.com PR 4, RA 28 170. Just to ping blog URL.
  8. totalping.com PR 3, RA 6153. Auto-ping.com alike to above. If this ping blog first and then install the widget.
  9. autopinger.com PR 3, RA 26 071. Just to ping the blog alone.
  10. blogpingtool.com PR 3, RA 50 210. Support for ping RSS, required to install code that has been given in the blog / web after pinging.

Preferably in pinging blog not too often, can be done once after we update the blog, if too often be considered spam by search engines filter, might get banned mbah Google.hehe.
Good luck, hopefully continue to increase traffic to your blog ...
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