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46 Gambar Terbaik Tahun 2012

Tahun 2012 sememangnya tahun yang sangat indah bagi kita, pasti ada yang tidak mahu meninggalkannya kerana terdapat banyak kenangan yang tidak dapat ditinggalkan. Untuk yang kurang bernasib baik pada tahun 2012, sila berniat untuk azam yang baru yang lebih baik untuk tahun 2013. Semoga pada tahun ini anda lebih bernasib baik dari tahun lalu.

Di bawah ini disertakan gambar-gambar yang menarik untuk tahun lalu yang dipetik dari Student Beans. Sila nikmati keindahannya

1. A pod of sleeping sperm whales.

2. Aurora Australialis (Southern Lights) from space.

3. Flight of the devil rays.

4. Galactic monsoon.

5. A recently released picture of 9/11 taken by the only American man not on Earth that day.

6. A sunset eclipse.

7. Elephant meets sea lion.

8. 7 hours in one image.

9. Base jumping from Christ.

10. Bora-Bora from space.

11. Chicago from a distance.

12. Monks being awesome.

13. Felix Baumgartner prepares to jump from space.

14. First contact.

15. A cloud full of lightning.

16. This Filipino couple didn't let flooding stop them.

17. Patterns in dried out desert rivers.

18. A desert oasis in Libya.

19. A recently unearthed photo of workers on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1914.

20. One hot model shoot.

21. A recently found photo of the now demolished Metropolitan Opera House.

22. Living on the edge.

23. Meditating monks at Pongour falls.

24. Moth trails caught at night.

25.Mount Rainier casts a shadow.

26. Now that's graffiti.

27. One boat, 145 water-skiers.

28. The sun flares up in this enhanced colour photograph.

29. Putting the size of whales into perspective.

30. Salar De Uyuni after rain.

31. Preparing to snow-mobile the Norway-Sweden border.

32. A composite of hundreds of take-offs at Hannover Airport.

33. The amazing strength of ants.

34. A found photo showing the true extent of the bombing of Dresden during WW2.

35. The Chicago skyline. This time across Lake Michigan.

36. A honey-bee uses it's last sting.

37. Walking the keel.

38. That's a lot of canoes and kayaks.

39. The most incredible Aurora of 2012.

40. The sea-horse watch inspector.

41. The Perseids Meteor Shower.

42. The rollercoaster submerged by Hurricane Sandy.

43. The end of the world (otherwise known as Beachy Head).

44. Moon Bridge in Dahu Park, Taipei.

45. Pixel perfect people.

46. The power of an orange.

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