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Obama Wins Second Term

Washington - MSNBC and Fox News projected late Tuesday that US President Barack Obama has been re-elected.

The victory came after Obama wins the Midwestern battleground of Ohio, the most hotly contested state inthe country. No candidate has won the presidency without Ohio since1960.

With a winner projected in 45 of 50 US states and the District of Columbia, the following is a tally of the electoral votes won thus far in the presidential election:

Barack Obama: 274

Mitt Romney: 203

Needed to win: 270 of 538 electoral votes

The number of state results not yet projected by at least one television network is five.

The states that have been projected and the number of theirelectoral votes are:

Barack Obama:

Vermont (3)

Maryland (10)

District of Columbia (3)

Illinois (20)

Massachusetts (11)

Connecticut (7)

Rhode Island (4)

Delaware (3)

*Maine (4)

Michigan (16)

Pennsylvania (20)

Wisconsin (10)

New Hampshire (4)

New Jersey (14)

North Dakota (3)

Minnesota (10)

California (55)

Hawaii (4)

Washington (12)

Oregon (7)

Iowa (6)

Ohio (18)

Mitt Romney:

Kentucky (8)

Indiana (11)

West Virginia (5)

South Carolina (9)

Georgia (16)

Tennessee (11)

Alabama (9)

Oklahoma (7)

Mississippi (6)

Arkansas (6)

South Dakota (3)

Texas (38)

**Nebraska (5)

Colorado (9)

Kansas (6)

Louisiana (8)

Utah (6)

Montana (3)

Wyoming (3)

New Mexico (5)

North Carolina (15)

Arizona (11)

Idaho (4)

Missouri (10)

*The state splits its four electoral votes. Two go to the overallwinner of the state, and one vote is awarded to the candidate of theparty who wins each of its two congressional districts. The state hasbeen projected as a win for Obama, and he was projected to win one ofthe votes from the two congressional districts.

**The state splits its five electoral votes. Two go to the overallwinner of the state, and one vote is awarded to the party that winseach of its three congressional districts. Romney was projected towin all five electoral votes.
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