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You're never too old to become a problem-solving kid

This is a book about kids solving problems. They face some pretty tricky challenges—the kinds of problems that might cause most people to throw up their hands and give up. But problem-solving kids aren’t like most people—even though most people should be more like them.

As you’ll see, problem-solving kids come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. They may seem to have special talents, or at least more than their fair share of luck. But the truth is, they’re people just like you, who have learned how to think, make decisions and act on their own, and to live proactive lives. They’ve also picked up some helpful problem-solving tools along the way.

If you follow the simple lessons in these pages, you too can become a problem-solving kid (even if you consider yourself a grown-up). Rather than feeling as though your life is out of your control, you can take charge and shape the world around you. Instead of being overwhelmed by the challenges you face every day, you can learn to enjoy them and overcome them.

In fact, you may even feel like a better person at the end of this course. Your dreams and goals will seem less out of reach. And you’ll be better able to accomplish whatever you’re passionate enough and imaginative enough to conceive and pursue.

It could be something as simple as becoming a better dancer or learning how to cook French cuisine. Or maybe it’s a bigger goal, like running for president or solving the global warming crisis. Whatever it is, you’ll learn how to tackle it.

Problem solving isn’t a talent limited to the lucky few. It’s actually a skill and a habit that you can learn. This book will introduce you to a basic problemsolving approach through three case studies:
  • The Mushroom Lovers, a new band trying to improve their concert attendance numbers
  • John Octopus, a bright young man with aspirations of becoming a computer graphics animator who needs to buy his first computer
  • Kiwi, an aspiring soccer player looking for the best training school in Brazil

It will also give you a full toolbox of proven problem-solving techniques, the same techniques used by successful problem-solving people and companies all over the world. But before we start learning the problem-solving approach, let me introduce you to the problem-solving kids and their friends.
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